Helmet Heroes Police Officer

Playskool Helmet Hero

Kids will love the Playskool Helmet Hero toy's helmet with lights and sirens and motorcycle handle bar. They'll pretend they're real police officers when they play with the Helmet Heroes handlebar's gauges and buttons to control the action and feel like they're driving a real police motorcycle.

One of Playskool's Adventure Squad toys, which also include a Helmet Heroes race car driver toy, the two-piece Playskool Helmet Hero police officer set sends preschoolers on exciting crime-fighting adventures as they follow one of 30 police missions create their own police officer role play fun with the lights, sirens, and microphone features.

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Playskool Helmet Hero Toy Basics

The Helmet Heroes Adventure Squad toys are designed for preschoolers age 3 and up. The handlebar uses two AA batteries, which are included with the toy. The helmet is adjustable and runs on three AA batteries (also included). The helmet has a realistic flip-up visor, and there is a microphone attached that really works to amplify your child's voice as he plays.

Helmet Heroes Police Officer Role Play

The police officer Helmet Hero includes 30 mission sequences to inspire your child's imagination. Push a button to hear action phrases like "Set up a roadblock!" or "Search and rescue in progress!" Imagine the fun for your preschooler as he runs around in his helmet, stopping you in your tracks to as he says into his microphone, "Stop and put your hands up!" Lots of children imagine growing up to be a police officer, and they'll love pretending with the Playskool Helmet Heroes Police Officer.

Playskool Helmet Hero Adventure Squad

The Playskool Helmet Hero Adventure Squad toys let kids role play as a police officer or race car driver, encouraging them to get up and run around and use their imaginations as they make up their own adventures. The policeman helmet toy has flashing lights, sirens, and cool police badge decals. The handlebar has an odometer, speedometer, and other gauges, as well as buttons to control the siren, horn, lights, and revving motor noises.